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finding hygge in the wyld

wild-ness connection & forest therapy guide UK
- sarah elvin -

'as I re-membered myself to the wilds, a deep understanding was not born, but re-awakened within me.. a connection passed down in my ancestral DNA. I felt the burden of modern life slide away as my nervous system calmed.. the clutter of my mind cleared, and I became present and engaged in my environment.. I felt the hyggelig sense of deep connection fill my heart.'


Nature is not a resource to be is us.. we are nature. For over 90% of human existence we have lived in symbiosis with the natural world; taking no more than we needed, working with the seasons, the plants, the lights, the animals.. retreating to the treeline for rest and healing. Since the industrial revolution humans have become increasingly introverted and dissociated from the environment. The human experience has evolved faster than our nervous systems can keep up with. We are today bombarded with stressors and pressures, with no space to rest and heal in the way our bodies need. .. physiologically we are still designed to live, ground, absorb, rest, heal and thrive outdoors.. nature connection is not a wellness trend.. it is science.

- find out more in my new book, or join me on a nature connection walk in your area -

'In Wildness is the preservation of the world'.. Henry David Thoreau

From my own journey of re-connection to my wild roots, and my hyggelig relationship with nature. to the science behind our physiological need to spend time outdoors, and methods to tap in to the healing power of nature.. Learn how I enrich my days Finding Hygge in the wyld ~ from forest-bathing, to wild-camps, to open air cooking with my favourite recipes and more.

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From 2hr Forest Bathing Walks, to Rewilding Connection days, Retreats, talks and more.. see upcoming events here.

If you'd like to book me for a talk or guided walk at your own event, please do get in touch for availability and prices. 

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When is the best time to plant a tree? 

Twenty years ago..

When is the next best time?


For every book sold, and every event booked I am heading out in to remote locations to plant a tree. Not just any trees.. these are primordial species, ancestrally linked to the area, and chosen to encourage rewilding in a changing climate. 

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