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"never am I more content than when I'm surrounding by nature"

My late teens and early twenties were spent living the outdoors life, spending every second of free time scaling mountains, from British peaks in summer and winter conditions, to the Haute Pyrenees, through to a month spent in the High Atlas mountains, and then Kilimanjaro. I was snowboarding, ice-climbing, living on a boat with my husky, working for outdoor brands, and outdoor centres, mountain leading and enjoying a blissfully simple and happy life. 


In my thirties I stopped LIVING, and strayed away from the outdoors life to do a proper job, I began EXISTING. The everyday suburban lifestyle swallowed me up and began draining my previously exuberant energy and zest for life. It was only in my forties, after a trip to Scotland, that I remembered who I was, and what bought me happiness. 

On my drive up to Scotland, to re-visit some of my favourite Scottish mountain ranges, I stopped in the beautiful Tebay servcies, and picked up a book about Hygge (the Danish concept of finding a feeling of contentment). On the trip I remember feeling comforted by the familiar mountain scenes, I felt excited to put my walking boots on again and venturing out in to the wilds, I felt relaxed by the peace of the forests, and warmed by a log fire in the evenings. As I sat reading the book one evening, I realised I was experiencing the feeling of Hygge. 

When I returned to suburbia I found I was able to hold on to the comforting memories from my trip for a short time, before I was again lost to the modern world. This is when I started going out looking for Hygge.. finding ways to invite it in to my day through an interaction with nature.

The rest you can find in my own book 'Finding Hygge in the Wyld'


The conclusion of three years work, exploring my relationship with well-being through my interaction with nature. The book is my own take on wild-ness (or wilderness wellness), and describes how I enrinch my days with wild-camps, wild-walks, forest-bathing, open-fire cooking and more. I've incuded my favourite wild-cooking recipes, and described how you too can use Scandinavian concepts, such as Hygge and Friluftsliv, to bring peace, comfort and joy to your world. 

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Book a Talk or Walk

You don't have to be a wilderness lover like me to feel the health and well-being benefits that nature offers. A simple walk in woodland, or a moment spent grounding in a park or garden can bring huge wellness benefits.


  Later this year (once I've finished the second edition of my book), I'll be making myself available for talks/group sessions and hyggelig woodland walks.. in a hope to pass on what I've learnt to other wild souls lost in the modern world.

Please contact me for details. 

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