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For those of us who like their morning coffee as smooth as caramel, and brewed in WyLD places.."

Hygge&Wyld started through my love of coffee, and those Hygge moments spent on summits warming myself with a brew. My pursuit to find the perfect blend and roast for my taste took months, followed by a grind that would work as well in cafetieres as in pourovers, and espresso makers. 

The WyLDbrew coffee club is for anyone like me, who takes their morning coffee with a spoon of adventure, and a dash of mountain air. 

Keep an eye out for my seasonal WyLDbrew'Zine which will be available quarterly and filled with news, offers and inspo.. and don't forget to hashtag #wyldbrewcoffeeclub in your adventures.

WyLDbrew Coffee

The Taste - An easy-going blend with notes of cacao, and a cosy caramel finish. 

The Origin - Ethiopian

The Grind - Ground for Cafetiere/cafe-press, pour-over, espresso maker etc.

The Weight - 200g bags

The Bag - 100% Compostable, including the recycled stickers. 

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The WyLDbrew Coffee Club

Uniting adventure loving WyLDbrewers with a 3 monthly subscription of coffee. Whether you're buying for yourself, and would like to receive a bag of coffee each month.. or you're buying the gift bag and banner flag as a gift for a loved one.. both will receive my quarterly magazine filled with news of my favourite WyLDbrew locations, brew methods, guest articles, recipes and special offers.