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What is HyGge&WyLD

Updated: Feb 11

HyGge&WyLD is a lifestyle choice, and describes the daily routine of my little family. We LOVE being outdoors.. whether we’re walking the pooches in the forest, making a wild brew on a mountainside, or hunkering around the firepit in the back garden.

HyGge {Hoo-Gah}: From the Danish art of ‘Cosy Contentment’, and for me a feeling of inner warmth and connection to the moment.
WyLD {Wild}: Mine, and my family’s, love of the outdoors, whether it be the forest, moors, mountains or a deserted windswept beach.

HyGge&WyLD is..

”pausing on a winter’s walk to make a wild brew, and basking in the elements, the sounds, and the feel of the WyLD”
”sitting at my desk, drinking the same smooth coffee from the same battered tin mug, that both accompany me on every mountain summit.. feeling comforted by the nostalgia, and knowledge, that I’ll be back out in the WyLD again soon”
”the hyggelig solid fragrance I wear everyday.. with it’s comforting notes of smoky vanilla and spice.. that carry me back to the fireside”

#LifeOutdoors #Hygge

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