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THE H&W Wood Drip Filter Travel Coffee Maker

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Introducing my eco-minded method of brewing coffee in the WyLD

My favourite brew method in the mountains has long been pour-over/drip Filters, they take up minimal space and are mess free.. just pop the used filter and coffee straight in to a compostable bag after use, tie and take home to dispose of.

Back in November 2021, after months unsuccessfully searching online for a collapsible drip coffee filter not made of plastic or metal .. I finally gave up looking and decided to engineer, patent and make my own from wood. ~ Each one I sell is hand-made by me at the homestead ~

My travel coffee drip filter holders easily slide together in seconds, sit perfectly on tinny mugs, and fit in to the H&W WyLDbrew Adventurer’s Tool Roll (EDC) when collapsed. They are the perfect pour-over drip coffee filter for camping and mountain adventures.

Each one is made from wood, and individually hand waxed with my own food-safe mineral oil/beeswax butter. Not only is wood more sustainable as a material, but it doesn't draw heat away from the brew process (like metal filter holders do).. plus if you get caught in a bind you can always use it for kindling to make a fire.

I'm so happy to say these are selling so well that all my efforts are now focussed on producing new batches every week (each and every one hand-made by me).

Buy yours for £7.50 on my website

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