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The art of Fika {Coffee Breaks}

Last week my Fika breaks were taken on windy summits, praying my last match would stay lit long enough to spark my Jetboil. Today I’m sat beneath a tree in the forest, with a flask of coffee at my side, taking a moment away from the world and writing my journal. Whilst the brew methods may be poles apart, both coffee breaks were as memorable and essential to my daily wellness“

Fika {fee-ka} ~ the Swedish word for coffee breaks..?

No.. it’s much more than that it’s a Swedish lifestyle, a ritual.. maybe once or twice daily.. and whether socially or alone.. it’s stopping, stepping away from work, tech or activity and taking a coffee break.. it’s a mindful act of slowing down, reflection, relaxation.. it’s not grabbing a coffee on the go.. it’s stopping and taking a moment.

HyGge&WyLD was born out of my love for WyLD brews, and mindfully taking time out each day to stop and sit with a cup of coffee has long been a part of my daily Hygge routine.. wherever I find myself”

Fika and it’s origins ~

Coffee arrived in Sweden in the late 17th Century, and the act of meeting to drink coffee soon became a favoured past time, despite heavy taxation by King Gustav III, who later banned the drink altogether fearing that secret coffee meet-ups would lead to a revolution.

When the Swedish coffee ban was lifted in 1820, it’s popularity increased tenfold, and those once secret meet-ups became an integral part of Swedish life.

The word Fika (an inversion of the Swedish word for coffee ‘Kaffi’) became slang for coffee breaks/meet-ups in the 19th century, and today is used as both noun and verb.

I recently read that Uppsala University ran a study on Fika in the workplace, and found that Sweden’s ritual coffee breaks gave ‘collective restoration’ to it’s employees, leading to a happier, more focussed and more productive workforce.

.. and so Fika is more than a coffee break.. it’s a time to stop, to mindfully create time to make a brew, to clear your mind, unwind, relax , restore and reconnect with yourself and others..

Gertrude Stein wrote on the subject of Fika ~ “Coffee is a lot more than just a drink; it’s something happening. Not as in hip, but like an event, a place to be, but not like a location, but like somewhere within yourself. It gives you time, but not actual hours or minutes, but a chance to be, like be yourself, and have a second cup“


How do you drink yours?

As you can imagine being a lover of the great outdoors, my brews are often WyLD.. and made with drip filters.. but when at home every morning starts with an espresso on the hob.

I find Hygge as much in the brewing of the coffee as in the drinking. So, whether I’m melting snow in my Jetboil, and patiently waiting for the thawed water to slowly seep through a drip filter, or I’m opening my flask to pour a brew made earlier in the day .. it’s the mindful preparation, and appreciation of each cup, which warms my soul.


HyGge&WyLD Coffee

I LoVE coffee .. and it took some time to find a blend to accompany every adventure, however mini or grand.

The Taste | Smooth ~ An easy-going rustica blend with notes of cacao, and a cosy caramel finish.

The Origin | Ethiopian Mocha Djimmah } a delicious African bean with chocolate notes.

Ethiopia is often described as the birthplace of coffee. It is believed that, in the forests of the Kaffa region, Coffea Arabica first grew wild and these plants were traded and transported around the world by 16th and 17th century missionaries. The Port of Mocha in neighbouring Yemen lent its name to coffee from this region, as it became a major trading post for coffee going into Europe and Asia. It is also from here that mocha (a chocolate and coffee drink) was named, possibly due to the chocolaty notes present in many Ethiopian coffees.

The Grind | Ground for cafetière/cafe-press.. but I also use the same grind in aeropress, nanopress, drip filter, pour-over etc.

*Now delivered to you in a 200g compostable bag*

Hygge&Wyld Coffee £6.95


Read more about Fika and living a HyGge&WyLD lifestyle in my new book ~ coming soon ...

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