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HyGge & The Flame

Whether it’s deep rooted in our ancestral psyche, with promises of warmth and protection; or it’s the hypnotic lure of the dancing light that captivates us.. HyGge and the flame share a love story as long as time..

Since the prehistoric we’ve hunkered around fires for heat, safety, food prep and company. We’ve warmed cold hands and hearts, spun tales and have been captivated by the dance and sway of the flame.

‘Anthropologist Christopher Lynn, researching the calming effect of flames, asked 226 adults to watch a video of a fireplace. They witnessed an average 5% decrease in blood pressure among participants. The longer they watched the fire, the more relaxed they became’

Like Hygge, the flame is transient and fleeting; both focus our attention, fuelling us with warmth and comfort. To feel hyggelig is to feel utterly content in the moment. The Flame’s absence of stillness forces us to feel present. Hygge and the flame are intrinsically entwined.

When lighting fires or candles we invite Hygge in to our space. The Danish refer to candles as levende lys, or ‘living lights’. Like Sirens, their dancing light draws us in to that place of warmth and contentment. The Danes burn around 5.79 kilos of candles per person per year.

“Every evening I light candles around our home as we hunker down to relax, whether we’re inside, or cosied around the campfire cooking”

The Hygge&Wyld Candle £9.95


Over the next few months we’ll be cooking outside by wood fire, and sharing our hyggelig recipes in The Journal. Subscribe on our website and receive a 10% discount on your next Hygge&Wyld order.

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