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Forest Bathing

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

“Connection to the moment, to the feel of the elements, to the wind, to the light, to the sounds of the WyLD is where HyGge finds me”

Forest Bathing, or Shinrin-yoku .. is the Japanese art of being still and connected to the Forest. It’s putting away tech, it’s walking without direction or purpose, it’s stillness, it’s absorption, it’s feeling, and it’s mindfulness.

In addition to lowering blood-pressure and stress, studies have found that the phytoncides emitted by trees bolster our immune systems. In 1982 Japan launched a national Shinrin-yoku health programme, and now has over 44 accredited Shinrin-yoku forests.

Whilst the recommended dose of Forest Bathing is 2hrs, just 15 minutes spent at peace within the forest has been shown to drastically lower stress and improve focus and clarity.

Get outdoors, get WyLD.. stop and feel the wind brush your skin, the sun warm your face, watch the light as it moves through the leaves, listen to the song of the birds, feel the ground beneath you and let HyGge find you.

Forest Sounds, Feb’21

“Time in the forest is my go-to when life’s stresses take hold. My grab-bag is always at hand with my HyGge&WyLD coffee and tin mug.. ready to accompany me on my escapades. Just to sit and be amongst the trees brings me such calmness and peace. To walk in their shade, to leave the path and feel the soft earth beneath your feet, hear the birds chatter above and the wind rustle the leaves.. the ancestral blend of stillness and stimulation breeds such mindful absorption in the moment that the comfort of Hygge will sneak up on you, and hug your stresses away.“

Follow our journal to learn more about forest bathing, the heath benefits of time spent in the WyLD and tips on living a more HyGgelig lifestyle.

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