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'Tinny' The Adventure Mug (Yellow)

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'Tinny The Adventure Mug' (Yellow)



Nostalgia takes us back there.. to campfires, mountain brews, and adventures.. the same mug we pulled out of our backpack on a dawn summit we cradle while sat in the garden with our morning brew. Tinny is always my mug of choice, wherever I am.. and has as many dings and stories to tell as I.  My Tinny mugs come everywhere with me, and this is definitely my new fave colour.


Ruff'n'ready and made for adventures! Each mug is hand-printed and oven-fired to give it's own unique personality, and durable finish. It is campfire ready, and made more durably than anything you will find on the highstreet.

- Each mug is slightly unique, and a few nicks or tiny chips build it's character. In every mug there is a small hole in the handle (as seen in the picture) resulting from it's final firing in the oven.

- Don't place mugs in microwaves - they are metal, covered with enamel.

Dimensions - 82mm D x 80mm H (approx)

Volume: 400ml

Nostalgic Hygge Essentials for Wyld Days and Mini-Adventures

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