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The Scent (unisex solid fragrance)

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'The Scent: Unisex Solid Fragrance'


'The Perfect Travel Companion'

I travel a lot, and if you've ever had a perfume or aftershave bottle leak in your wash bag (and soak a toothbrush!) .. you know it's not an experience to be repeated!!! Solid Fragrances are 100% the way forward for anyone who travels. This unisex fragrance comes to you in a small amber apothecary glass jar (the perfect little travel companion).

The Scent - Like a warm blanket infront of a log fire.. the fragrance offers notes of smoked vanilla with a spiced woody/zested finish.

'And it's re-fillable'

And when you run out, just post your little jar back to me, and I'll refill it at half the price.

Apply to skin (wrists, behind ears etc.. as you would a normal perfume/aftershave). I don't advise applying directly to fabric (I haven't had any staining from contact with fabric, but always best to be safe than sorry). Please see ingrediants below for any allergens.

Ingredients: Theobroma Cacao, Butyrospermum Parkii, Prunus dulci, Cera Alba, Parfum

Size - Approx 15ml

Dimensions - 42mm x 33mm Amber Apothecary Glass Jar with Black Urea Lid


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