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The Adventure Flask

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The Adventure Flask


Nostalgia takes us back there.. to campfires, mountain brews, and adventures.. I love that summit feeling, sitting to enjoy the achievement, reaching in to my backpack for a flask and a rewarding, warming brew.

With the adventure flask I wanted to combine my love of classic metal flasks with the practicality of an insulated mug .. and I use mine for both flask and mug everyday.


The take anywhere Adventure Flask, that doubles up as a travel mug or water bottle .. perfect for all seasons.

  • Made from stainless steel with a capacity of 500 ml
  • With a heat insulated double wall design to keep your drinks hot or cold
  • And bamboo lid 

- Don't place in microwaves - they are metal.

Dimensions - 70mm D x 210mm H (approx)

Volume: 500ml

Nostalgic Hygge Essentials for Wyld Days and Mini-Adventures

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