WyLDbrew Coffee

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WyLDbrew Coffee


HyggeandWyld is first and foremost all about the coffee .. this perfectly mellow blend of light biscuity tones and a finish as smooth as caramel.

- Every adventure starts with a tinny mug of coffee and a map; every mountain is conquered with a brew at the top; and every fireside tale is spun with cup of coffee in hand.

I LoVE coffee .. and it took some time to find a blend to accompany every adventure, however mini or grand.

* WyLDbrew Coffee comes in a 100% compostable bag (including it’s recycled stickers) *


The Taste | Smooth ~ An easy-going blend with notes of cacao, and a cosy caramel finish.

The Origin | Ethiopia

The Weight | approx 200g

The Grinds | 

Ground for cafetière, cafe-press, aeropress, nanopress, drip filter etc.

Whole Beans, for grinding yourself - these will be back in stock next week.

Nostalgic Hygge Essentials for Wyld Days and Mini-Adventures

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